Pema Namdol Thaye

Pema Namdol Thaye has won international acclaim as a master of traditional Tibetan arts. He is a painter, 3-D mandala specialist, traditional Tibetan architect, art educator, author, and the founder of Padma Studios®. In 2019 His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche Sangye Pema Shepa appointed Pema Namdol as the Chief Architect and Executive Director of the Zangdok Palri Mandala Temple in Nepal.


Stuart McDonald

Stuart McDonald is a gifted writer, TV director, and a multi AFI award winner. He was an instrumental visual advisor for Pema’s paintings in collaboration with Sam Bercholz for the graphic novel A Guided Tour of Hell. Stu’s creativity, candor, and innovative ideas continue to push the boundaries of concept and design in Padma Studios® projects.


Jessica Thaye

A Vajrayana practitioner in the Dudjom Tersar lineage, Jessica Thaye is a graduate of Canada's National Ballet and a former Montessori School Principal.  She has worked as Pema Namdol's personal assistant and project manager of Padma Studios® since 2012. Jessica is a contributing author of Celestial Portfolio and is passionate about studying traditional Tibetan painting and 3-D mandala design. 


Padma Studios® apprentices are students of Pema Namdol Thaye who are training in areas of traditional thanka painting, sculpture, or 3-D mandala construction.  Apprentices play a vital role in assisting Pema Namdol in complex art projects; they also assist in the completion of select private commissions directed by Pema Namdol, by request of the client.  

Lhawang Jajin 

Lhawang Jajin has been assisting Pema Namdol with three-dimensional mandala projects since 2010.  An engineering graduate from University California Davis, Lhawang is proficient in AutoCAD programming and is devoted to creating architectural models which utilize traditional celestial design. 



Tenzing Kunphel

Tenzing Kunphel studied thanka painting at the Tsering Art School in Kathmandu, Nepal.  He has been an apprentice of Pema Namdol since 2010 and currently assists Pema Namdol with international painting projects. Tenzing is a skilled thanka painter who specializes in the Karma Gadri style.



Sasha Masiuk

Sasha graduated from the Academy of Art and Design, Ukraine in 2007. She is a world-renown tattoo artist specializing in greyscale art. Sasha’s thanka sketches and line drawings exhibit a high level of mastery and her artwork has been featured in collaboration with esteemed companies such as Reebox, Yves Saint Laurent, and L’Oréal.



Pavel Dovgal

Pavel Dovgal is a musician and music producer from Russia and the founder of the independent music label Monoclockmusic. He is also a skilled photographer, video editor, and designer-at-large. Pavel is currently creating a musical score to accompany Pema Namdol’s Guided Tour of Hell exhibition paintings.



Aja Goldman

Aja Goldman is a fine art student specializing in oil painting and communication design at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. She was recently granted the prestigious SEE-Beyond Award from Skidmore College. Aja periodically works as a personal studio assistant to Pema Namdol on a multitude of projects.



Sangay Penjor

Sangay Penjor studied sculpting in Thimphu, Bhutan with Bhutan's foremost master sculptor for over eighteen years.  He specializes in creating one of a kind traditional clay sculptures for Padma Studios® under Pema Namdol's guidance and design.  Sangay has worked in various monasteries and temples in Bhutan, India and Nepal, providing high quality custom clay sculptures.



Passam Sherpa  

Passam Sherpa has studied the art of thanka painting with Pema Namdol for over twenty years.  A native of Kalimpong, India, he specializes in color and shading.  Passam has painted thankas and murals in monasteries in India and Nepal, including at Deorali Chorten Gompa (the residence of Dodrupchen Rinpoche), Sikkim, and Khinmey Nyingma Monastery, Tawang.