Thangtong Gyalpo Iron Phurba

Thangtong Gyalpo Iron Phurba


One-Of-A-Kind Original Artwork
Phurba and base designed and patinated by Pema Namdol Thaye; metal work hand-crafted by a master sculptor in Bhutan. The phurba shaft is crafted out of Thangtong Gyalpo metal. Rare item.

Bronze and iron
Size 3” x 9.5"

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In Vajrayana Buddhism a phurba is a tantric ritual dagger that appears in the mandala of wrathful deities used to subdue and transform ignorance into pure wisdom nectar.  As a ceremonial implement, a phurba is considered a symbolic weapon of destruction against evil spirits and negative mental energies.  The three sharp sides of the phurba symbolize the transmutation of passion, aggression and delusion into clarified enlightened energy.  

This phurba is designed by Pema Namdol with exact traditional measurements and style. The base and the upper portion of this phurba is crafted with bronze, while the triangular shaft is created with rare Thangtong Gyalpo iron from Bhutan.