Mahasiddha Saraha Giclée Thanka

Mahasiddha Saraha Giclée Thanka


Reproduction gicleé thanka by Pema Namdol Thaye on acid free archival canvas with traditional silk brocade and brass knobs plated with 24kt gold.

Size including brocade 37 x 47.5"

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One of the greatest tantric Gurus from the eight century, Saraha was originally known as Rahulbhadra,  the first poet of Hindi.  After converting to Buddhism from Brahmanism Saraha studied at Nalanda, a famous Buddhist University in India.  Continuing his talent for verse Saraha became famous for his spiritually poetic songs (dohas), especially within the Kagyu lineage – wherein they were used in the teaching of Buddhism.  Saraha, whose name means "the arrow shooter" earned a living roaming the countryside selling arrows with his consort, the famous arrow-making Dakini from a low caste clan of arrowsmiths.  Saraha and his consort eventually attained enlightenment after many years of meditating on Mahamudra, an advanced meditational practice comprising methods of attaining a direct introduction to the nature and essence of mind.