Shakyamuni Buddha Gicleé Thanka

Shakyamuni Buddha Gicleé Thanka


Reproduction gicleé thanka by Pema Namdol Thaye on acid free archival canvas with traditional silk brocade and brass knobs plated with 24kt gold.

Size including brocade 37” x 53.5"

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After achieving the supreme state of enlightenment, Buddha Shakyamuni turns the wheel of dharma to alleviate the suffering of all beings.  In this painting Lord Buddha is surrounded by Gods Indra and Brahma who appear in the gesture of paying homage, along with five of Buddhas main disciples, as well as offering goddesses and students from different realms. Forming an arch in the sky above him above, different variations of Buddha’s own emanations are depicted giving teachings to countless beings.  At his crown resides Prajnaparamita, the female Buddha of wisdom.