Respecting Dharma Images

In the Buddhist tradition it is customary for images of Buddhas to be treated with care and respect. The Buddha, along with the pantheon of deities within Tibetan Buddhism, are representations of enlightenment – the transcendent state of wisdom and love – manifesting out of compassion for the benefit of all sentient beings.  One may show respect to deity images by placing them on a shrine, or in a high place. Please do not place them on the ground, step over them, or sit on them.  Should you wish to discard of a deity image, it is advisable to burn the image rather than disposing of it in the garbage.  

About Reproduction Giclée Prints


Padma Studios® works closely with an exceptional fine art printing company in Los Angeles using state-of-the-art laboratory technology and giclée processing, an intense-resolution twelve-color digital imaging system of unsurpassed quality and accuracy.  This advanced system creates prints of exceptional depth and saturation of color, as well as coatings completed with dye based inks (watercolors included), which are by nature fugitive (i.e. affected by light and moisture conditions).  Printed on acid-free fine art archival paper, each print is meticulously inspected by the artist to ensure it meets the highest standard of print quality resulting in a faithful reproduction that is virtually indistinguishable from the original painting, and sometimes improved. 



Artist Portfolio limited edition giclée prints are limited to fifty and are mounted on high quality archival black board and titled with 24 kt gold. Large and extra large giclée prints are limited to fifty; extra extra large (and larger) giclée prints are limited to ten.  Small and medium giclée prints are unlimited.  All canvas prints are unlimited.



Sizing varies from painting to painting, depending on the original size of the painting and the quality of the lab's digital image.  To inquire about additional size options not listed on this website, please contact us.


It may be possible for some prints to be printed on fine art archival canvas, allowing for you to have your print stitched with traditional thanka brocade.  A small fee for the canvas upgrade may apply. Please contact us with your request.

Store Policies


Please take care to ensure your original artwork or giclée print is not exposed to direct sunlight or excessive moisture. Once purchased in pristine condition, Padma Studios® shall not be responsible for any ruination caused by neglect or environmental damage.



Padma Studios® utilizes high quality packaging materials.  We offer complimentary free shipping worldwide.  Orders placed within the USA are generally delivered within one to two weeks.  International orders may take up to three weeks or more to be delivered.  Expedited shipping is possible, upon request, for an additional fee.  Please contact us to place an expedited shipping request.



Padma Studios® artwork is copyright registered.  We thank you for respecting that no copies may be produced in any form, electronic or digital, or placed on the World Wide Web, unless permission is received from the artist.  To inquire, please contact us.



Due to the custom nature of our orders, Padma Studios® is unable to offer refunds on products once purchased.  


All orders placed in California will be charged sales tax.


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Our Giving Pledge

In honor of Yogini Sonam Lhendu and the Ven. Lama Gonpo Tenzing Rinpoche, Padma Studios® makes annual offerings to Zangdok Palri Monastery, Kalimpong, India, to sponsor pujas (prayers) for the benefit of all sentient beings.  


Making offerings to Zangdok Palri Monastery, Kalimpong, India


We have also begun an annual tradition of offering complimentary deity prints. In 2018 Padma Studios® and the Thaye family offered 2,500 Guru Dorje Drolö prints to Rinpoche’s and dharma centers internationally. In 2019 we offered 1,500 Zangdok Palri prints in be distributed in Nepal; an additional 400 Guru Dorje Drolö prints were sponsored by sangha members to be distributed in France. To inquire about receiving or helping to sponsor our complimentary prints, please visit our free print page, or contact us.