Vajrasattva with Consort

Vajrasattva with Consort

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Reproduction gicleé print by Pema Namdol Thaye

Natural pigments, precious stones & 24kt gold
Original size 15.5 x 22"
Completed 1997

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Vajrasattva is the white bodhisattva of purification and the ultimate embodiment of all the Buddhas.  The practice of this deity is one of the most important in Tibetan Buddhism as he represents the aspects of compassion and skillful means and the state of perfect wisdom.  He is depicted in union with his consort with the vajra of skill raised to his chest while its companion, the bell of wisdom, is inverted and silent at his hip.  The depiction of deities in union has symbolic implications which signifies inter-relatedness; a male-female pairing representing compassion (male) and wisdom (female) and culminating in the coalescence of knowledge with “skillful means” or method.