Phoenix and Dragon

Phoenix and Dragon

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Reproduction gicleé print by Pema Namdol Thaye

Original size 28 x 28"
Completed 2011

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The dragon and phoenix are ancient Chinese mythological creatures whose auspicious symbolism has been adopted by the Tibetan tradition to bring harmony and victory. They are frequently depicted in many Tibetan paintings, murals, carvings, and alter decorations.

The dragon—a legendary reptilian creature whose body comprises elements of nine animals (the horns of a deer, head of camel, eyes of devil, neck of snake, abdomen of large crackle, scales of carp, the claws of eagle, paws of tiger and ears of an ox)—symbolizes creativity, good fortune, and masculinity; the dragon was the national emblem of the Chinese emperor and is deified in the Taoist religion.  The phoenix—a mythical bird who consumes itself by fire every 500 years springing forth from its ashes in the form of a new young phoenix—symbolizes beauty, good luck, and femininity; the phoenix is the most high-ranking bird in China and represents the Empress.  At their core, dragon and phoenix symbolizes yin and yang, the qualities of masculinity and femininity in union, and their interdependence creates universal balance.   Known as the perfect Feng Shui for couples, dragon and phoenix brings fertility, abundance, and success.