Sky Power Animals

Sky Power Animals

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Reproduction gicleé print by Pema Namdol Thaye

Watercolor with natural pigments & 24kt gold
Original size 10.3 x 15.5"
Completed 2002

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Serving as guides and protectors, power animals are tutelary spirits bearing inherent wisdom.  Each power animal represents specific characteristics and powers, which enhances and empowers our understanding of, and connection to life. 

Garuda is a mythical figure in Hindu and Buddhist mythology; here garuda is depicted holding the snake with both hands in mid-flight in the southern direction, symbolizing victory over the nagas.  Dragon, first originating in ancient Chinese mythology symbolizes force, power, and chi.  In this painting dragon appears in the sky in the western direction wielding thunder and lightning.

According to Tibetan cosmology, when airborne garuda and dragon are paired with terrestrial tiger and snow lion, they are known as “the pillars of the earth”.  For example, these four animals appear accompanying the wind-horse in Tibetan Lhasang ritual and they are commonly depicted on Tibetan prayer-flags.  Each residing in one of the cardinal directions, the tiger, snow lion, garuda, and dragon are known as the four guardian animals that protect against the four fears of birth, disease, old age, and death.  It is said that when these four auspicious animals are well balanced in harmonious configuration in their respective direction, then harmony and balance of the elements will prevail.